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We use the following manufacturers for our Medical Packaging line of products.

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Knox and Schneider -view products

Knox and Schneider is well regarded in the medical industry as a distributor of packaging and product components suitable for use with medical device and pharmaceutical product lines. We understand the demands of consistent quality and documented traceability. We have implemented the necessary controls and procedures which enable us to provide critical materials with life saving consistency.

We have been successfully audited by major healthcare companies. Meeting demands for product and document control, Knox and Schneider and our team of audit approved suppliers provide a backbone of technical assistance and problem solving. This provides a great help for development as well as cost reduction projects. We take a system approach to both technical specialties and commodity-like challenges. On a project basis, we have brought together complete packaging systems for products. This process insures that all components will interface correctly throughout sterilization, distribution and end customer usage.

We have strength in finding suppliers which are matched with the specific needs of each customer. The manufacturers we work with have a high proportion of sales concentrated in the medical packaging market. The product areas which we bring together to meet individual needs of our customers are below:

  • Proprietary heat seal coatings
  • Foil laminates
  • Peelable coatings for Autoclave, ETO, and Radiation Sterilization
  • Providone Iodine resistant peelable coatings

  • Rollstock and Sheets
  • Printed or Plain
  • Coated or uncoated
  • Pouches and Bags
  • Printed or Plain
  • Unique sealing and opening features
  • Chevreon Pouches, Header (Breather) Bags

  • Paper, Films, Tyvek, Foil, Metalized Mylar
  • Urethane and Ethafoams, Bubble, Styrofoam

  • Foam, Paper, Plastic with or without adhesive

  • Medical quality clean room with strict Q.C. controls
  • Hand finishing and assembling

  • Surgical Drapes
  • Overwraps
  • Towels
  • Styrofoam Trays and Coolers and Specialized Shippers
  • U-Tek Refrigerant Gel Packs
  • Thermo formed Trays
  • Folding Cartons
  • Shipping Cartons
  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Special die cut, heat sealed items

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