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We use the following manufacturers for our Carton Sealing Tapes, Specialty Tapes & Adhesives line of products.

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Crowell Corporation -view products

Easy to use Tufftape gummed paper sealing tapes adhere quickly and securely. Seals all box seams completely against dirt, dust and vermin. Cartons sealed with paper tape are reusable providing an extra plus for the user.

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3M Tapes and Adhesives
  • Specialty Tapes, Adhesives and Applicators

    Communicate Better with Printed Tapes.
    Whether you want to send a message advertise your company or discourage pilfering 3M has a printed tape to meet your needs. Packages stay sealed securely and attractively while your message gets out to a wide audience.

    Rugged Polyester Box Sealing Tapes.
    Specially formulated Scotch brand tapes are designed for center seam closures of regular slotted containers (RSC). 3M's Scotchpar polyester backing and center seam splitting. 3M pressure sensitive hot melt rubber resin adhesive seals securely and consistently. Operators can be assured of consistency at a glance.

    Beat the Cold with Special Box Sealing Tapes.
    3M's cold temperature box sealing tapes apply and hold in the cold. Ideal for winter transit and sub-zero freezer or extended winter storage. Specially formulated adhesives apply easily and instantly to a wide variety of surfaces between 30 - 40 degrees. Secures closures below 0 degrees F.

    Versatile Polypropylene Box Sealing Tapes.
    Easy to handle, Scotchprot polypropylene backed tapes are flexible enough for every application. Strong pressure sensitive hot melt rubber resin | adhesive ensures excellent tape performance for day-today applications.

    Avoid a Mess with Kraft Paper Tapes.
    Our pressure-sensitive paper box sealing tapes are stronger, neater and more durable than water-activated sealing systems. Eliminate messy clean-ups and time-consuming equipment maintenance. 3M's pressure-sensitive hot melt rubber resin adhesive seals instantly and holds securely for box sealing, splicing, and other packaging applications.

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    STA Packaging Tapes -view products

    Recognized today as STA Packaging Tapes, STA is a worldwide leader in carton sealing applications (carton sealing tape, hand dispensers, and case sealers). Founded in Southern California in 1976, under the name TA Industries, Inc., they have matured into the world’s largest manufacturer of water based acrylic packaging tape.

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