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We use the following manufacturers for our Protective Packaging & Damage Prevention line of products.

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  • Smart Machines

    IntelliPack understands the packaging performance pressures and economic concerns facing manufacturing operations. That's why we've pioneered the industry's most advanced foam-in-place systems to help our customers maximize packaging productivity - and do it economically.

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    Pactiv Advanced Packaging Solutions
  • Air Cushioning Materials
  • Shipping Mailers
  • Sheet Foam Protection

    Pactiv is a leading provider of advanced packaging solutions to businesses around the world. With 87 facilities in 20 countries, our unique combination of creativity, experience and material technologies makes Pactiv the right partner for all your protective packaging needs. So for customized products and services that are engineered to maximize performance and minimize total packaging costs, look to the company that offers protective packaging for the new economy. Pactiv.

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    Shippers Paper Products -view products

    Manufacturers of Air Bags, Flex Filler, Void Filler, Slip Sheets, Bulkheads, Load Bars, Custom Packaging Protection

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  • Molded Protective Packaging
  • Fabricated Protective Packaging
  • Polyurethane Foams
  • Freez Safe Insulated Containers
  • Edge Protectors - Plate Shippers
  • Bottle Shippers for Non-Hazardous

    Polyfoam Packers Offers Proven Success
    Our selection of foams is unique among manufacturing operations and includes expanded polystyrene, flexible polyurethane and polyethylene, and the moldable copolymers ARCEL and GECET. Polyfoam’s capabilities with these foams are unmatched. In addition to many stock protective packaging products, we have the expertise to mold, fabricate and design custom packages as well.

    Unlimited Possibilities
    Our products primarily solve problems related to temperature protection or breakage prevention. The breakage protection and cushioning provided by foam is a necessity when shipping delicate items. Our insulated containers offer temperature protection for a wide variety of product-specific and ambient conditions.

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    Angleboard -view products

    Angleboard Protection
    ANGLEBOARD corner protectors have increased in popularity over the last few years with more and more innovative uses combined with other packaging applications. ANGLEBOARD material is constructed of recycled plies of paperboard that are laminated, treated and formed into rigid right angles of exceptional strength. ANGLEBOARD protectors provide corner protection, unitization, stacking strength and material savings. It is especially useful for unitization and protection from strapping or stretch wrap. ANGLEBOARD is available in various lengths, thicknesses and finishes, and is made to suit your protection requirements. ANGLEBOARD, combined with stretchwrap, is the ideal way to improve stacking strength. This permits higher stacking of individual unit loads for better utilization of storage areas and shipping space in trailers, railcars or containers.

    Mitered ANGLEBOARD with exclusive patented reinforcement allows for three-dimensional protection. The mitered cut-outs are custom made for specific containers and create a perfect fit.

    Customers can select from light, regular or heavy duty thicknesses of ANGLEBOARD, then match the application exactly with segments cut to length.

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    Centerload Shipping Technologies -view products

    Centerload Shipping Technologies was founded in 1996. The founding partners discovered the need for dunnage products to facilitate the concept of centerline loading and became consultants to the shipping industry. CST is the original manufacturer of vinyl dunnage air bags. After patenting the CST vinyl dunnage air bag, applications to other markets were realized. They started marketing both reusable and disposable vinyl dunnage air bags to the shipping industries. Benefits to these companies were not only functional but also financial due to a reduction in damage to products during transportation in the most cost effective way.

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