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Molded Protective Packaging -- Custom Molded Parts

Custom molded parts offer you the benefits of lower packaging costs and less shipping damage, increased packing productivity, and improved product appearance. All types of products can be packaged in custom molded EPS; electronic components, appliances, plumbing fixtures, home furnishings and electric tools are just a few examples. The clean attractive appearance of custom molded EPS enhances presentation.

Perfect Fit = Source Reduction
Custom molded EPS foam packaging is produced on a mold specially designed by our engineers. It fits the contours of your product exactly, protecting it from damage during shipping and handling.

The ability to "custom fit" EPS packaging around the product saves additional weight and packing material. The lower weight of molded EPS provides for easier handling, and reduces both the natural resources required for manufacture and the fuel consumed during product delivery.

Added Efficiency and Safety
Because foam parts require no assembly, their use on the packing line may reduce the incidence of repetitive motion injury while increasing packing efficiency.

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