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  K&S Also Provides

  Specialty Tapes and Adhesives
Replace rivets, screws and other mechanical fastening.
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  Scotch ATG and LTG Applicators
Applicators for Scotch ATG and LTG Adhesives
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  Gasket Bonding Tape System
Applicators for Gasket Bonding Tape System
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  Pull-and-cut dispensers
Use of an applicator or dispenser can help improve application quality and reduce the cycle time.
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  ScotchPad Dispenserless Tape Products
All the benefits of a roll of tape in convenient, easy-to-use, precut tape strips on a pad!
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  Scotch Brand Box Sealing Tape
Competitive box sealing tapes don't measure up to 3M - the name synonymous with tape.
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